Old Palo Alto
Emergency Services Volunteers
July 25, 2024, 11:28 am pacific

BPC Damage Assessment Form Practice

To go to a random house click HERE


This is an online Damage Assessment quiz adapted from the Emergency Services Volunteer 2023 Spring Exercise. There are 6 Streets with six houses each that require an assessment, for a total of 36 houses. You will be filing out the Damage Assessment based on what you see in each picture. Don't assume too much, assess based on what you see. If you want a refresher on filling out the form, watch this short video:

At each house, assess the damage and record the information on your form. Use one form for each street, and one line for each house. You can print out six (6) of the Damage Assessment form first page and one copy of the second page to use as a reference. The forms are available HERE and below.

After the last house of each Street, there is an answer sheet you can use to compare your assessment with the correct ones. You can use the REVIEW button shown with the answer sheets to go back to the first house on the Street to make corrections.

Also, think about how you would report this using your FRS Radio, and what else you could do to be helpful in each scenario.


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